This is a montage of ID's, Opens and Promos created during the first few years of the launch of E! Entertainment Television in 1991. There was no money and no time but creativity and experimentation was unlimited. We had a lot of fun and won a ton of awards. Some of the people who worked with me on these projects were Alice Song, Mark Osborne, David Spargrove and Andy Hann.

The concept was to tell the story Anna Nicole's life to set up the show. I had in mind the old Beverly Hillbilly's open. I wound up writing the lyrics to the song which became a cult hit. Klasky/Csupo did the animation. Elizabeth Summerville the logo. The main title got a Emmy nomination.

Cartoon Network hired me to create this Coca-Cola commercial for them. It was a blast having all those cartoons to work with! Inspired by the cartoons I also wrote the song lyrics which became the script for the spot.

The re-brand of Style Network was designed to celebrate 'one's personal expression and style' The objective was to convey a look that would convey all the unique tastes and styles found in every aspect of the viewer's lives, from the clothing they wear and how they decorate their homes. Some might like 50's modern, some will prefer Shabby Chic - what I wanted to convey was not one choice but the idea of choice. Troika Design Group was the design and production company.

In 1991 E! was a self-effacing ingenue trying to get a break in Hollywood. By 2002 it was part of Hollywood Pop culture and the new look and branding had to reflect this change. The branding is meant to celebrate fame and celebrity. Troika Design Group was the production company.

These were the first network IDs that were meant to show the merging of NBC and Microsoft to form MSNBC. To convey that concept I used computer elements to create the NBC Peacock feathers. This campaign won an Emmy Award.