Interrupting Entropy: Selections From The Betlach Collection

Cosmic Ancestry was selected to be included into the exhibit Interrupting Entropy along with Ann Hamilton, Omer Fast, Rina Banerjee and other artists in the Betlach Collection.

"Art has been in my blood for as long as I can remember,” said Betlach. “ Art relays a visual ecstasy, calming and pleasure.  Art can mean something different to every individual.”

"Jill Taffet's moving projections also invoke a mood somewhere between a scientific mapping of the cosmos and the intimate quirky spaces of the inner mind. Her abstract digital projection Cosmic Ancestry uses light and sound to invoke the ever changing and dynamic aspect of the cosmos reframed into a spatial installation. The personal and phenomenological nature of her work seems to suggest the ways in which forces of nature are ultimately experienced as intimate and subjective encounters by each individual."*

* Interrupting Entropy Catalog Introduction

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Jill Taffet